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About us

Flexi Print is a South African company the focuses on technologies that help us provide high quality solution for our customers’ printing needs and to serve them best. We have invested prudently with the future in mind. The leading edge technologies that we operate on makes sure that the innovative ideas and the communication solutions that we aim at is ultimately transformed into world class print jobs that move and touch the target audience. We are not just printing company. On the one hand, we are dedicated to being a reliable partner to design professionals who seek to use our competencies to improve the results of their printed materials. On the other, we serve various companies with their various printing needs, ranging from On-site printing solutions to producing specialised printed products that help them promote their business. Located in Highveld, Centurion, We offer both short run printing and large volume production and we extend our professional services to all our clients, regardless of job size. We are available to help all our customers navigate the many print options we offer and we help choose what’s right for their printing needs, schedule and budget. In addition to print and bindery services, we offer graphic design, wide format banners, promotional items, and mail services. We also have a large selection private function printing.

Design For Print

The task of designing for print, is not an easy process. Not only do you have to actually prepare and create a design that works well on paper (a challenging task in itself!), but you also have to ensure your project is properly set up for print, whilst making sure to somehow avoid the minefield of print design mistakes that many typically make. You’ll need think about colour profiles, resolutions, sizing, which type of black you’re going to use, your design application choice, and of course, bleed and trim. It can all sound pretty daunting and as you might have noticed, there’s a serious lack of information out there to help you get things right.


Worry not, We are have got you covered.
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